If you suddenly find yourself without water or with a significant decrease in pressure, the following are a few suggestions to help us determine what the problem might be:

  • Check with neighbors or people in your area and find out if they are experiencing the same or similar problem.
  • If no one else in the area is having similar problems, go to your water meter, open the lid and see if anything on the meter face is moving. If the big needle hand or the small triangle is moving this will indicate that water is going through your meter and you have a leak on your line. You will need to repair your line yourself or else call a plumber.
  • If others in your area are experiencing a similar problem, contact our office and report the problem you are having. The numbers to call are:

Monday thru Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm – 931-684-1667

After Hours and Weekends & Holidays – 931-294-5117

*Note: If a service call is made by our crew and the leak is on the customer’s side of the meter, a $50.00 service charge will billed to the customer making the call.