1. At the time of sign up for water service by the Customer, The District will require the Customer to provide a Property Tax Card and Tax Map to insure they are eligible for water service as provided in the District’s Policy and Rules and Regulations.

2. Once the Customer has met the eligibility requirements for water service, they will be required to pay all necessary fees, complete a Water Service Contract and Cross-Connection Control Survey. This Survey will determine what requirements will be necessary for the Customer to comply with the District’s Cross-Connection Policy. A violation of the District’s Cross-Connection Policy includes having the District’s water supply connected to an auxiliary water supply (well) or anything potentially harmful that could backflow into the District’s water system. If this condition does exist or will exist in the future, the District requires proper back-flow prevention.

3. Once the Customer has completed all the necessary steps to sign up for water service, the District will provide the Customer with a blue stake with their name on one side and a Service Order number on the other side. The Customer will place this stake on their property line in a location that is mutually agreeable to both the Customer and the District.

4. When the District installs the water tap on the Customer’s property line, the water tap will be locked out until the following items have been installed on the Customers side of the water tap and an inspection performed by District personnel:

a. Cut-off device.
b. Pressure regulator device.
c. Acceptable service line materials. (See District Rules & Regulations)

5. The Customer shall be responsible for and bear the expense of installing and maintaining the above piping from the water tap to the Customer’s residence/business.

6. In addition to inspecting the above items, District personnel will inspect the Customers plumbing arrangements for any cross-connection problems/ violations. This inspection will be based upon the Cross-Connection Control Survey completed previously by the Customer and Customer Type as noted on the Customer’s Water Service Contract. Any cross-connection violation will require proper backflow prevention by the Customer.

7. Once the above items have been inspected and approved by District personnel, water service will be turned on to the Customer. The cut-off device inside the water tap is the property of the District. Only District personnel are authorized to operate this cut-off or anything located inside the meter box.

8. No service call fee will charged for the initial turn on/inspection, however, a service call fee will be charged for any subsequent requests for turn on/offs not to include termination of water service.

9. The District will begin charging the Customer for water service on the date the water tap is installed by the District. The District will charge at least a minimum bill per month per customer for the water service regardless of the amount of water used. (See District Rules & Regulations)